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ConnectION(USB connection)

ConnectION(USB connection)

Look! No Ion Meter!

Nico Scientific successfully launched production for its new connectION ™ USB device, making ion calibration and measurement fast, simple and inexpensive.

This innovative ISE adapter allows direct connection of our detectION® Electrodes straight to your PC.* Analysis of over 20 different ion species possible with connectION ™.

connectION ™ provides two-point calibration and allows for one-point calibration adjustment of the Ion Selective Electrode.

connectION ™ displays results in ppm or pX values and stores calibration data.

connectION ™ provides continuous monitoring and logging of concentration over time, displaying concentration and mV values in tabular and graphical formats. Recorded data can be immediately exported to both CVS (Excel) and HTML formats.

connectION ™ is compatible with all detectION® Combination probes, the Flow-Through Line, industrial probes, and some Process Control Submersible ISEs. It may be compatible  even when separate Half Cell electrodes must be used.


*MS Windows-based computers only; connectION ™ for Android and Apple platforms coming soon.

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